Entrypoint (spin 4)


This section is referring to wiki page-22 of gist section-18 that is inherited from the gist section-main by prime spin-85 and span-28 with the partitions as below.

  1. Feeding (spin 3)
  2. Entrypoint (spin 4)
  3. Mapping (spin 5)
  4. Keyring (spin 6)
  5. Enneagram (spin 7)
  6. Twisting (spin 8)
  7. Recycling (spin 9)
  8. Exchange (spin 10)
  9. Dimensions

git rm --cached $SUBMODULE
rm -rf .git/modules/$SUBMODULE
git config -f .gitmodules --remove-section submodule.$SUBMODULE
git add . && git commit -m "delete $SUBMODULE" && git push

This recombination is taking a scheme called DNA Recombination: M+F to C1+C2 which could only be happen when two (2) chromosomes involve. Here we found that each of their DNA will form a scheme called The Scheme 13:9 as shown below.

The 10 ranks will coordinate with the 18 to raise up the symmetrical behaviour of 12+24=36 which is prime pair 17+19=36 and let the 2 and 3 out of 2,3,5,7 to begin a new cycle while the 5,7 will pair the 11,13 and 17,19 as True Prime Pairs.

I like that 0 can occupy a center point. Incidentally, this circular shape minus all my numbers and colors s has been called Seed of Life / Flower of Life by certain New Age groups who claim it has a sacred geometry. Please don't see this as an endorsement of any spiritual group or religion. (Prime Hexagon - Circulat Form)


You can use either mklink /j or junction in Windows 10 to create junctions. Junction not only allows you to create NTFS junctions, it allows you to see if files or directories are actually reparse points. Reparse points are the mechanism on which NTFS junctions are based, and they are used by Windows' Remote Storage Service (RSS), as well as volume mount points.

mklink /j .github C:\Users\Admin\.github


The color spin addresses for numbers are generally straightforward – a composite number takes the spin of the prior prime. 4 spins blue because 3 spins blue. 8 is red because 7 is red. However, twin primes, and the 0 type numbers between them, are open to some interpretation.


By The Δ(19 vs 18) Scenario those three are exactly landed in the 0's cell out of Δ18. See that the sum of 30 and 36 is 66 while the difference between 36 and 102 is also 66.


In the second opposing member, the position 13 in the second term gives a redundant value of the template 7 of 7 × 7 = 49. The opposite prime position 31 as the 11th prime number is now forced to determine a new axis-symmetrical zero position.


Many relevant topics, such as trustworthiness, explainability, and ethics are characterized by implicit anthropocentric and anthropomorphistic conceptions and, for instance, the pursuit of human-like intelligence.

AI is one of the most debated subjects of today and there seems little common understanding concerning the differences and similarities of human intelligence and artificial intelligence (Human vs AI).

The next step we will explore to find out if this configuration is relevant in the programming process. The following will explain how the formations are arranged so that we can simulate an instance based on their respective characters.


This process would take place all the way to three (3) layers in a more complex way involving 114 objects generated by the sum of the above mentioned prime 71 and 43. This is what we will discuss further on how apply it in to a custom domain.