Series Expansion (span 2)


This section is referring to wiki page-38 of orgs section-10 that is inherited from the spin section- by prime spin-66 and span- with the partitions as below.



To be clear, these horizons are speculations based upon numerical simulations of general relativistic field equation which are inherently non-linear and notoriously difficult to solve, so more detailed computer modeling may hold surprises for us. Also, while spacetime is well-modeled by GR, at the horizons where the curvature blows up, then so does GR and speculations about what happens at the singularities will have to wait for quantum gravity.

Answer to How do infalling/outflying singularities form inside a black hole


Only more accurate analysis on the involved spectra and on the relative brightness of the two rings, and mainly the discovery of other double rings systems, could be used to finally choose which among these two interpretations is more likely to hold. As to using Klein bottle holes to check the physical existence of other universes, it appears just a matter of time to find a double truncated spiral blurred enough to clearly show a connection with other universes. (Observing another Universe through ringholes and Klein-bottle holes - pdf)


Elementary_particle_interactions svg

Simulating physics on a quantum computer can be reduced to solving mathematical problem using quantum mechanics.


The spacetime diagram on the left, the magenta hyperbolae connect events of equal spacelike separation from the origin, while the green hyperbolae connect events of equal timelike separation from the origin.


Note also that the rate of convergence to infinity in this exampleshould be as the fourth root of t, which is confirmed by the graph (the fourth root of 125000 is about 19).


Four eigenvalues going to infinity. The plot shows the eigenvalues of A + tuu>J for 0 ≤ t ≤ 125000 in red, and the eigenvalues of A − tuu>J for the same range of t in cyan

Four eigenvalues going to infinity

You can use either mklink /j or junction in Windows 10 to create junctions. Junction not only allows you to create NTFS junctions, it allows you to see if files or directories are actually reparse points. Reparse points are the mechanism on which NTFS junctions are based, and they are used by Windows' Remote Storage Service (RSS), as well as volume mount points.

mklink /j .github C:\Users\Admin\.github


By The Δ(19 vs 18) Scenario those three are exactly landed in the 0's cell out of Δ18. See that the sum of 30 and 36 is 66 while the difference between 36 and 102 is also 66.



Many relevant topics, such as trustworthiness, explainability, and ethics are characterized by implicit anthropocentric and anthropomorphistic conceptions and, for instance, the pursuit of human-like intelligence.

AI is one of the most debated subjects of today and there seems little common understanding concerning the differences and similarities of human intelligence and artificial intelligence (Human vs AI).

The next step we will explore to find out if this configuration is relevant in the programming process. The following will explain how the formations are arranged so that we can simulate an instance based on their respective characters.


This process would take place all the way to three (3) layers in a more complex way involving 114 objects generated by the sum of the above mentioned prime 71 and 43. This is what we will discuss further on how apply it in to a custom domain.