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The Quantum Project is a kind of Mapping System that is formed to do its best to find and recommend the best for you. It relays deeply on a kind of a unique formation that will always become unified on every directions.

We develop the concept of this Unique Mapping System as an Open Source Project by taking a business called Quantum Prime Programs as a starting model. Assuring you of our best intentions, there is no such thing similar with this kind of concept.

[Quantum Project - The Concept of Primes Algorithm by DNA Recombination](https://github.com/eq19/maps)

We have started the phase of this project with the main purpose of getting a possibility to build an interface to generate an integrated info from all GOOGLE CLOUDS PLATFORM including API's, Application API, Application Sripts, Application Engine; Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL etc.


We have also setup our Script Portal on the most well-known programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, Go with possible also Node.js, Scala, Clojure, and Ruby.


In order to run all program language in the same time then they are configured as below:

  • Python is used to access all images with an access to any Image Manipulation run from Phyton Frame such as Django and compiled as images module.
  • PHP is used to generate the front page run from PHP Framework such as Zend, Kohana etc and collected altogether in a default module.
  • Java is used to access all javascript file with an access to Servlet Application run from Java / Javascript Framework such as GWT and compiled as scripts module.
  • Go is used to access any application that Support for Docker images in Google as well as Amazon Cloud Platform with an intention to run a global structure application in other languages such as Perl, C, C++, etc.

The reason of above is we get these for text and image:

All of the basic grammars is in the header of favicon which generated by php on the fly. When html page is generated it shall first run the style so the html of python will be processed only if the header is ready. This will also covering the selection to the most reliable code using most appropriated program language to do the job.

The following development is on the way:

  • Build the Front Page using PHP Frame Work: Zend and Kohana
  • Generate Script Manipulation to run Java Servlet using GWT compiled by Eclipse or Maven.

On Going Development:

_ Building items that are being carried out_:

Others programming language like Scala and Ruby will also brought in to the projects. The link to develop in deeper will be provided in the discussed section.


Having possibility to run all language then we have no more resistant to gain a simultaneously access to any other GOOGLE PRODUCT including Google Play Androids, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Wallet, Google Tag Manager, Youtube, etc. which also open an access to more widely and global application such as Compute Engine and Big Query.

Find More of Google Products here.

front page (generated by Php)

  • images directory (access by Phyton)
  • sripts directory (access by Java)
  • styles directory (access by Go)
  • plug-ins directory (where Python, Java, Php, and Go codes reside)

The application development is limited until gain the access only means once the communication to a targeted product is successfully provided then no further development will be made unless a necessary improvement required.

Let's say you have a defaut configuration of π(10)=2,3,5,7. How do you present your html page in order that all of the page elements are represented by the primes without any missing parts?

      <html> → (29=10th prime) → next favicon
        Δ     <head> ← (10)
        |          <style>  - 5 ----
        |                     Δ      |
        3(29=10+19)------ favicon - 2,3,5=π(5)
                   </style>          |
             </head>               (89²)
              <body> ← (19)          |
                   <script> - 7 ----

See that by π(10) there are two (2) twin pairs which are (3,5) and (5,7). Here the style block that is holded by prime 5 is representing (2,3) where the prime 2 is the style (3,5) it self and script (5,7).

The prime 3 is presenting 3 tags: html, head and body. Because of (2,3) is in the prime 5 so this 3 shall be then holded by an element inside the style. Therefore we choose the favicon element. Thus no missing parts.

By this configuration it will left the π(10) converted automatically to the head tag. So when we arrange the body tag with 19 then the html tag will hold 10+19=29=10th prime.

<img src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/105412087-d0892300-5c66-11eb-9c3e-19d8652b478c.png>

By the prime hexagon the 10 and 19 are in the same direction. Here we can then put them all back to the π(10) in pavicon. So by the next cycles it goes deeper and deeper. This will be discussed in details ini another repository.

Quantum Prime Programs

Following are some reason behind this selection to this busines model:

  • Site that running quantum business are mostly online within short period (a year or less) and quantum business has to present exact profit to the user in a short time basis to market their services.
  • Most important is since the quantum is mostly a ponzi scheme so quantum site cannot be run in a long time period so we could find whether our algorithm in our script is giving a correct scoring result in a short time as well.
  • Hyip site is easily to be considered as dead or as a quantum scam when the site is stop paying so we consider that they could not blame our scoring (as we still on start to test it) in the same way that we cannot blame when they collapse or even run and take our investment away.

So base on the above measurement we can take all information of quantum service being offered compare to the trust of the domain that can be put altogether to score and rank the quantum sites.

<img width=100% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/70721601-75c58e00-1d28-11ea-8329-d780c27ee7bd.png>

Despite we are still trying hard to predict how long a quantum site can be running online we have came to have a scoring result of best site which is more or less are the same as represent by other site that comparing those quantum sites.

<img width=100% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/69475248-6cb66080-0dfd-11ea-9fa4-56cb43bc668a.png>

However as additional features compares to others we are providing the score with a numbers of category base on the investment or budget level start from as low as US$ 1.


For the time being this project is developed using all benefits on Google Products even all program code available in the planet to generate a widely integrated information to score and rate a group of sites running in a same business category.

<img width=50% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/96919622-3930fa00-14d6-11eb-86d9-ef60643ed7e5.png>

It is quite hard to find such of business model that easily to be scored or whether our score is really represent the actual situation in the business live.

<img width=70% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/95028019-445aec00-06c7-11eb-8d41-101dd4cc6d09.jpg>

To rectify our concept in a short time basis, means that the script is going to present a correct algorithm, we need to test it on a kind of business model that also can be measured in a short time period as well.

<img width=50% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/131957473-5a815492-a5f6-49be-9762-9a8921d95dc2.png>

<img width=100% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/160698918-395f9ba0-0c2f-418d-a2e2-b1bbbbbe058c.jpg>

<img width=100% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/160710442-f5a16989-8f62-4ed7-bb7f-2b76f2a461ea.png>


This project will limit the scope up to the mapping as shown in The Project Map which direction is digging.

<img src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/88602920-fd84c080-d09d-11ea-970d-dd63c12221fc.png>

As Quantum is a part of the world of Investment it does not rule out the possibility on attaching this project into up formation along with other scope.


This will open a wider chalenge for us to provide such kind of real business information like best investment return, best short term investment, low risk investments, investment fund, that can be also some more valuable ones like short or long term loans, reliable insurance company, as well as for finance, trading etc.

And that we are able to provide all of them in an accountable manner.

On the long time running we also want to go to other widely business such as scoring of who is the best domain registrant, who is the best web designer, who is the best of hosting provider, who is the best in seo service etc.

We are going to present the result in the style as business scoring so even the user only have a small amount in their budget they could find our scoring is useful for them.

As you know that it is really difficult to find such a good services when you have only a little budget. In the contrary you have to be more wise and careful to decide whether you still doing a business with your current partner or go to other more reputable business partner when your budget is growing up.


As Google has made a nice and beautiful documentation for each of their product then the documentation of this project will be combined as simple as possible in only to explain a specific task on how to make the code running and successfully gain the access to each Google Product.

<img width=100% src=https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/36441664/90973443-4e2bf400-e54c-11ea-9f8b-de0981890297.png>

That is all what we want to go. We intent to be among the best and trusted source in scoring any business in the same way as how people see Google on giving their amazing service on keyword base search result to the world.

The difference is that if Google give some best items for you choose then we give you the most logical way for you to find the best one among them by your self.

|The Quantum Project|This repo is courtesy of The Quantum Project. Find all of them on The Project Map.|The HYIP Project | |:—-|—-|—-:|