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Let's draw a table, on each rows of main, follow to the one (1) link of their nature in kind of items or things, the two (2) kind of links in the Form Column will represent a spreading while the three (3) links in Route Column will present an employment.

When these links are combined with the six (6) Channel Links by a merging they will generate a group of twelve (12) new kind of processes. Pairing the twelve (12) with the associated group on the row of the nature then it will become twenty four (24) of new processes all together.

See that the twenty four (24) formation is the same again with the six (6) to six (6) mapping shown by diagram. So it will let the mapping always be the same in hexagonal form for all of up direction (attaching), side by side direction (combining), or even so spread direction (digging).

This kind of configuration will then allow the unique system to be implemented throughout an unlimited destination as their formation will always become unified on every directions.

Our Experience Shows!

We believe that until this concept is written by us, there is no such thing similar to our concept. You may use, copy, and distribute the concept under Our License.

Please note that we are not implementing any kind of License Key on this project. The Hexagonal Formation of our mapping itself will stand as the key for this purpose:

The definite key to identify whether you use our concept is when there a kind of development item lies a unified assignment in hexagonal form by six (6) corresponding sets while each sets pick a combination of six (6) routes with a pairing of six (6) to six (6) of all channels.

On that case we consider The License need to be attached. Out of The Formation, you are welcome to use whatever the items on this project without any License from us.

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