The Implementation (grammar)


This page is referring to child section which source is inherited by the prime spin with partitions listed below. Please return always to the Home Page to track the hierarchy.

By parsering π(1000)=168 primes of the 1000 id's across π(π(10000))-1=200 of this syntax then the (Δ1) would be initiated. Based on Assigning Sitemap priority values You may see them are set 0.75 – 1.0 on the sitemap's index:

Priority	Page Name
1	        Homepage
0.9	        Main landing pages
0.85	        Other landing pages
0.8	        Main links on navigation bar
0.75	        Other pages on site
0.8	        Top articles/blog posts
0.75	        Blog tag/category pages
0.4 – 0.7	Articles, blog posts, FAQs, etc.
0.0 – 0.3	Outdated information or old news that has become less relevant

By this object orientation then the reinjected primes from the π(π(10000))-1=200 will be (168-114)+(160-114)=54+46=100. Here are our layout that is provided using Jekyll/Liquid to facilitate the cycle:

layout: tasks/compress                             π(89²) = 1000  sitemap.xml
---                                                       |

{%- include extra/rest/defaults.liquid -%}
{%- include leads/rest/defaults.liquid -%}      1000/Φ = 618  feeds.xml (Google API)
<!DOCTYPE html>--------------------------------------------
<html lang="{{ lang }}" dir="{{ direction }}">
	{%- if branch == "eQ19" -%}
		{%- include leads/metadata.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/cards.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/opengraph.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/links.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/title.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/script.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/schema.liquid -%}      289  feed.xml (Google Cloud)
		{%- include leads/gtag.liquid -%}         |
		{%- include leads/noscript.liquid -%}
		{%- include templates/content.liquid -%}
		{%- include templates/addons.liquid -%}
		{%- include extra/body.html -%}
		{%- include extra/rest/script.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/mermaid.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/mathjax.liquid -%}
		{%- include leads/adsense.liquid -%}     329  feeds.json (GitHub API)
		{%- include leads/sumo.liquid -%}         |
	{%- else -%}---------------------------------------
		{%- for section in sections %}
			{{- section.output }}            168  feed.json (GitHub Pages)
		{%- endfor -%}                            |
	{%- endif -%}--------------------------------------
	</body>                                           4
</html> 					       π(1000)  π(π(89²))  sitemap.xml

Within a cycle this scheme would generate the prime platform which is performing the rank of 10 shapes starting with the primes 2,3,5,7. Via the 11 partitions as the lexer and 13 frames as the parser we do a recombination to build the grammar in 6 periods.

6 minor hexagons

When recombination is occur then the prime 13 is forced to → 12 where the impact (Δ1) goes to 18+13+12=43 on the last 7th row. This sequence is simulated by a flowchart having 12 arrows flowing on 10 (ten) shapes of prime 31 up to 71 (40 nodes).

Mapping the quantum way within a huge of primes objects (5 to 19) by lexering (11) the ungrammared feed (7) and parsering (13) across syntax (17) (₠Quantum).


By this project the above would be deployed as default layout. It is set to be avalaible throughout the whole platform via a single page within a parser repository which is acting as prime 13. Their interface will be in json and xml format.

Here is for the sample:

  "title":"Mapping System",
  "content":"<p>Hello, <strong>world</strong>.\nI am here.</p>\n",
  "links": [
    {"title":"Go tour on Mapping System ","url":""},
    {"title":"A backed pretty display for markdown","url":""},
    {"title":" for programmers","url":""}

Using a kind of interface such as docker then it could be developed cross platform. Evenso. Let assume that all alpabethic letter in the sequence is representing a local disk so you may build your own pattern in your PC such as shown below:


By The GitHub Runner you can connect to the Google COS Instance. For self-hosted runners defined at the organization level, configure in your workflow file to target a runner groups or combine groups and labels.

The project is being developed under GitHub dan Google Platfrorms. It is going to setup CI/CD for up to 1000 public repositories out of millions that available on GitHub. Each will then be properly assigned to generate the cycle of DNA Recombination.

You may visit our mapping scheme for more detail.

₠Quantum Project
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