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This is a wiki template. The main point of this is to integrate the foundation css framework with nanoc and preparing everything to be wiki-ish, so one can use this as a start for creating a wiki without having to deal with stylesheets and everything.

After the main things are done (the layout), integration for code listings and latex-like formula integration will be included, but for the first step the goal is to serve a starting point for creating a wiki with Markdown.

Maybe other markup languages will be included later on.

  • {% link_article The Wiki %}
    About this template

  • {% link_article Frequently Asked Questions %}
    The FAQs

    {% link_article How to contribute %}
    How to contribute to this template

  • {% link_article Beginners guide %}
    How to get this running

  • {% link_article Installation guide %}
    Full installation guide

    {% link_article Goals of this Wiki %}
    Why am I writing this thing?

  • {% link_article Developer notes %}
    How to work with this piece of software

  • {% link_article License %}
    LGPLv2 and additional notes

    {% link_article Pull request etiquette %}
    How to submit pull requests on github for this thing

    {% link_article Maintainer contact %}
    How to get in touch with me