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posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Admin Akram   [ updated Feb 24, 2019, 10:33 PM by Monty Alfianto ]

Welcome to our Mapping Zone. You just come to our section that we gonna explain our own concept in detail about system map and mapping definition that are developed on our project.
Please consider this as a unique concept that you shouldn't find it anywhere without our license. So here we want you to have an open mind. If you're not enjoying it, don't do it./p>

To achieve on what we have planned there shall be a process involved. Every process from an input to became the output will need an entry and exit points
To make it more clear, let take an example on our daily live. We have to take an example that definitely has an entry and exit points.
An easy case is when we are hungry so that we need a food to eat. If we don't eat the hungry will not became an end point, it is stack there. You can see easily find that this process will need to be settled in order to continue our living.

Consider our living is the global process. If you don't eat then it will jeopardize the global process. So this particular process need to be settled and it will end when take a food to eat. So then global process is run normally. Here we make a mapping of the process from the hungry: * Hungry will become an entry point * Food is what we need * Eat is the process * Exit point This is just a simple case. It is a normal process in your live. It is just a routine. It will become to your concern if we put a parameter. Say you are hungry. You want to have the best food to eat but you don't know yet which the one is. What are you going to do? Let's go for a simple way then. We are going for searching. Try to put a keyword 'best food' on Google Search. You will find a huge result which is processed by Google from may be more than a billion pages to choose. So which one do you think the best food for you to eat? Are you going to take the food on the top of result? Are you sure if that is the best one for you?

How to find it?
We can say that from what we have explained above, there is a little chance that you able to find your best food from the search result. One thing you should need to aware is that Google and other search engines concern with the pages, not the food. When a page has a good scoring in term of their algorithm then the page will go up on their search result so you can easily find it. It might be somewhere there exist a page that made by someone that contain really your best food but it has only a poor score on the page they are presented, so chance is little for you to find it. The worst case is that it might be there is no page about it so you can't find it anywhere. Another thing that you will need to concern is how to be sure that when you find an information about your best food is really your best food. Here chance is also little. None of search engine can guarantee that their result is really the answer to your need. It could even never ever happen on your whole live that you find your best food! Say here you agree that you can't get it but you insist to get it. So you better then go to a doctor to know what is the best food for you. Would you define what your doctor is going to do? Of course the doctor will do examine yourself, make a diagnosis, and find a food on his/her library that best match to your data. Here the important thing is that the doctor will define the food base on your data, not the food that you want. It is really different with what if you are going to get the food by yourself, you will find the food with the one you want, not the food that best match to your data. This is another indication of the difference between knowledge and guidance. Many people have knowledge, few are guided by it.

Just do the way they want
See that the best way you shall do is take the food that the doctor want you to eat. Not the food that you think it is the best one for you. In an extreme case it will be the same. Say you are a very very important person. You are the president of a country. The country will for sure provide you a team of the best doctors in the country. They will do their best to find and recommend the best food for you. So here, because you are the president, it is not only the doctors but the country and most probably the world would also want you to eat the food base on the recommendation from the doctors. Not the food that match to what you think it is the best one for you. Just do the way they want. Not of what you think. Let them find their way to help you get what you want.

Our Concept
Here we are going to do the same way when you go to a doctor. We have to collect out all information in related to all kind of the food and make it to become a library. We will also need to examine all of your data, including your age, your genre, your blood structure and everything else that required to find your best food. Hopefully then you can follow all the method on getting your best food.

Person's Name on Face The Nation

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by Admin Akram   [ updated Oct 24, 2014, 8:24 PM by Monty Alfianto ]

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