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Consider our living is the global process. If you don't eat then it will jeopardize the global process. So this particular process need to be settled and it will end when take a food to eat. So then global process is run normally. Here we make a mapping of the process from the hungry: * Hungry will become an entry point * Food is what we need * Eat is the process * Exit point This is just a simple case. It is a normal process in your live. It is just a routine. It will become to your concern if we put a parameter. Say you are hungry. You want to have the best food to eat but you don't know yet which the one is. What are you going to do? Let's go for a simple way then. We are going for searching. Try to put a keyword 'best food' on Google Search. You will find a huge result which is processed by Google from may be more than a billion pages to choose. So which one do you think the best food for you to eat? Are you going to take the food on the top of result? Are you sure if that is the best one for you?