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How to find it?

We can say that from what we have explained above, there is a little chance that you able to find your best food from the search result. One thing you should need to aware is that Google and other search engines concern with the pages, not the food. When a page has a good scoring in term of their algorithm then the page will go up on their search result so you can easily find it. It might be somewhere there exist a page that made by someone that contain really your best food but it has only a poor score on the page they are presented, so chance is little for you to find it. The worst case is that it might be there is no page about it so you can't find it anywhere. Another thing that you will need to concern is how to be sure that when you find an information about your best food is really your best food. Here chance is also little. None of search engine can guarantee that their result is really the answer to your need. It could even never ever happen on your whole live that you find your best food! Say here you agree that you can't get it but you insist to get it. So you better then go to a doctor to know what is the best food for you. Would you define what your doctor is going to do? Of course the doctor will do examine yourself, make a diagnosis, and find a food on his/her library that best match to your data. Here the important thing is that the doctor will define the food base on your data, not the food that you want. It is really different with what if you are going to get the food by yourself, you will find the food with the one you want, not the food that best match to your data. This is another indication of the difference between knowledge and guidance. Many people have knowledge, few are guided by it.